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Makiko Kato

​Professional Japanese Teacher





​Aichi, Japan

A Bit About Me

Hi, I am Makiko.

I am living in Aichi, Japan. I got a masters degree from Monash university in Melbourne Australia. After working as a freelance translator, I also started to teach Japanese to an English-speaking expats. Since I got a certification of Japanese instructor in 2017, I have taught Japanese to expats and their families, kids, university students, engineers with various nationalities. I always have a long-term relationship as teacher and student and also have kept in touch as a good friends even though they leave for their home country. I am looking forward to talking with you and being a longtime friend!

Education and Work Experience



2010 - 2011

2002 - 2013

2004 - 2005



Freelance Japanese Tutor

- Teaching Japanese online to students living in Japan and overseas

Teaching Japanese to American expats and their families in Aichi with face-to-face lesson

Completed 420-hour Total Course for Japanese Teachers

Freelance Japanese Tutor


- Teaching Japanese to a English-speaking manager at a chemical company in Ibaraki

Freelance translator

Studied at Monash University in Melbourne Australia and got the Master's degree of Translation Studies

​Worked for an automotive parts company 

Studied at Nagoya University and got the bachelor's degree of Education

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